Welcome to Balloch Dodgers

fairwinds2Spray dodgers are the cloth strips lashed to the cockpit guardrails, often with the boat’s name displayed on them in large letters. As well as identifying your boat dodgers help to:

  • Provide a sense of enclosure and protection which a lot of crew like
  • Protect the occupants from wind and flying spray.
  • Can provide space on the inside for extra stowage pockets, if desired.

Our standard dodgers are made in Balloch near Glasgow from high quality acrylic and are designed to run from the front end of the pushpit steelwork to the first guardrail stanchion, a distance of around 1.5 – 2m depending on the size of the yacht. They should be  made to fit allowing a small gap at the bottom of the cloth and the deck to allow the free running of sea water. They are normally lashed tightly to the wire rail on top and stretched out between stanchions at either end.  If you take a wave over the side decks this allows the water to drain quickly away so as to not damage the stanchions.

shopnowNew cockpit spray dodgers are the cheapest way to smarten your boat up.  Go on, treat her.